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Ways to Repair the Chipped Tooth

Many people suffer from the accidents which cause damage to their teeth. Lifestyle and eating habits are the other factors that can weaken the tooth enamel, causing the weak surface of the tooth to expose. Or, there are instances when people bite on the hard foods and end up getting the tooth cracked. Whatever the reason and the damage caused as a result, there are always the options available to fix the issue.

Dental bonding

Dental bonding is considered when the damaged area becomes quite visible when you smile. It wouldn’t take more than visit for the repair when the damage is minor or the small area of tooth is broken in the one of the front teeth.

Dental bonding is also referred to as filling because it basically fills the gap which would get created as a result of tooth breaking. In order for the bonding material to stick strongly, the broken area is etched. A composite resin is shaped to fill the gap and then it is attached with the broken area after applying an adhesive. The procedure is completed when an ultraviolet light strengthens the bonding.


When the chip is the larger one, or it is on the molar tooth, or it is the significant decay, crowning may be the best option to consider. Crowning is done when the damage is so significant that it can cause further damage to the top of the tooth, making the chewing or applying even a bit of pressure a difficult thing to do.

Since crowning is a bit complicated process, it may take more than a visit to get completed. In some instances, there may be a need of root canal to make the root support the crown which would be installed. This procedure also involves x-rays to find out if there is any excess tooth which needs to be removed after crowning is done. To make sure that crown is aligned according to the sequence of other teeth, dentist would also take tooth impressions. During the process when the crown is not completed, dentist will provide you with a temporary crown to provide the necessary support to the vulnerable chipped area.

Porcelain veneers

As the name suggests, this treatment procedure is primarily applied to the teeth that appear when you smile. This treatment is specifically helpful when the front of appearing tooth gets damaged and there is a risk of getting the tooth damaged in the future. The porcelain veneer is a think porcelain surface which is meant to cover the vulnerable part of tooth after it loses the front due to any reason.

There are several visits required for the procedure to get completed.  In the first visit, the front part of tooth is scratched and removed to make the room for the veneer to be placed. Temporary veneers may be placed until the next visit. In the next visit, temporary veneers are removed and permanent veneers are installed followed by ultraviolet light impact to make the bonding permanent.

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